Peter Richards

Director | Woking & Farnborough

Peter is Director in charge of Hurst Warne’s commercial agency, investment and development services at their Woking and Farnborough offices.

His specialisation is advising clients on new build and refurbishment opportunities, buying and selling investments as well as identifying where best residential value may exist within an existing commercial property asset. He also continues to advise in the prime agency/letting markets in and around the Farnborough and Woking region.

Peter has over 35 years of experience and contacts within the M3 and M4 property markets. He started his real estate career in Woking in the 1980’s and then through the high and lows from 1990’s built his property skills in the M3 and Blackwater Valley region. In 2011 Peter returned to the Woking property scene by opening Hurst Warne’s then new Woking office which is now one of the key commercial agency businesses in Woking.