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Sevenoaks Garden Centre Best Bids

Our client would like to draw the marketing of Sevenoaks Garden Centre to a conclusion and therefore request that interested parties submit their freehold offer to buy the garden centre by midday on Thursday 29th October via email to the agents:

Please can you make sure that your offer (or your client’s offer) contains the following information –

  1. Purchaser: Details of the identity of the proposed purchaser, including any background information you deem relevant and details of previous track record if appropriate.
  2. Purchase Price: Confirmation of your offer.
  3. Funding: Confirmation of how the purchase will be funded with proof of funds if appropriate.  If the proposal is subject to debt finance then please provide proof of client’s agreed funding offer if a credit facility is not already in place.
  4. Approvals: Details of any approvals required in order to proceed with the proposed acquisition and details of any timetable required for clearance.
  5. Due Diligence: An outline of the due diligence you have undertaken to date and consideration given to the documentation available.
  6. Conditions: Confirmation of any conditions attached to the offer and the timetable for removal/clearance of these.
  7. Timescales and Deposit: Please outline your proposed timetable for exchange and completion and details of the proposed deposit.
  8. Professional Team: Details of your proposed professional team including solicitor and other professionals you deem relevant.
  9. For the avoidance of doubt, the current owners are under no obligation to accept the highest offer or indeed any proposal submitted.

Property details are attached and if you still require access to the data-room please email the agents.


Sevenoaks Garden Centre Brochure

If you require any further information, or clarification of any point, please do not hesitate to be in touch.