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Hurst Warne Acquires Space for Swarovski Optik

Hurst Warne, has recently acquired 3,500 square feet of high-tech industrial space in Gatwick House on behalf of Swarovski Optik. Swarovski Optik is a leading manufacturer of high-precision long-range optical instruments for hunters, birders, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Hurst Warne were appointed to provide market and acquisition advice as part of Swarovski Optik’s UK relocation project. We subsequently acquired the space in Gatwick House, which will be Swarovski Optik’s new UK offices, with manufacturing space and a dedicated showroom for customers.

The acquisition of this new space is a significant milestone for Swarovski Optik, as it will allow the company to expand its operations and meet the growing demand for its products. Hurst Warne is proud to have played a role in this important transaction, and we look forward to continuing to work with Swarovski Optik in the years to come.

For more information, please contact Tom Boon (07879 864647) or Will Gelder (07917569111).